Skin Tags On Penis

Skin tags are a type of skin condition that is characterized by soft benign out-growths on several parts of the body. These are caused by diabetes, obesity, pregnancy and can even be inherited. Skin tags pose no medical risk and therefore treatment is not usually necessary. This skin condition affects parts of the body where skin rubs on skin like the eyelids, armpits, the neck, groin and also the genitals. Skin tags can appear on the penis too.


Skin tags on the penis appear on the shaft of the genitals. They are more common is sexually active men as their skin rubs on the vagina during sex. These tags can be the same color as the penis or a little darker than the rest of the penis. Skin tags on the penis do not only appear in adults but also children. In the case of children, the cause is said to be circumcision. Studies have shown that the children who have skin tags on their penis have undergone circumcision.


Skin tags on the penis can increase in size at times but there is no clear way to know when. They are easily irritated by condoms or tight underwear. They can also get irritated during sexual activity due to the friction between the penis and the vagina. It is important to ensure that you clean up after sex so that the microbes found in genital fluid do not cause any infection.


It is important to watch the skin tags on the penis carefully and note any changes in size, texture and color and report it to your doctor. Incase you are irritated for longer than usual, it is also important to see your physician in order to be thoroughly checked.


When you need to remove the skin tags on your penis, there are several ways to go about it. Since the genitals are one of the most delicate body parts, you need to be careful with how you handle it. Not all he remedies will be applicable here. You can however use the H-skin tags which treat by use of natural oils. You can also visit your doctor and have him perform cryosurgery on the tags. This involves the use of liquid nitrogen to heal the tags. Topical treatments can also be used.


In conclusion, you should not worry as there is a way out. Ensure that you speak freely to your physician in order to have professional help and also adhere to the dos and don’ts in order to get rid of skin tags on the penis.

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