Should I Worry About Cutting My Skin Tags When Shaving?

Skin tags, or acrochordon, are one of the most common skin conditions that are experienced by many individuals these days. Some people worry about cutting their skin tags by means of shaving, when the truth is that there is no need to worry when this happens. It is very normal for people who shave especially when there is no intention regarding the shaving off of the skin tags. Furthermore, those who use wax and razor when shaving have no need to be worrisome when skin tags are cut off.

The most favorite spots of skin tags are the neck, chest, groin, armpits, and even underneath the breasts of women. There are also skin tags that appear in the eyelids. Its size is that of a rice grain but there are also tags that have the size of a grape.

Those who are overweight are most likely to have skin tags because there are extra folds and creases on the body. The development of skin tags is normally attributed to the rubbing of skin against skin. Another candidate of the development of skin tags is pregnant woman. It has to be taken into consideration that as one gets older, there is a higher probability for him to have skin tags. The prevalence of this kind of growth rather involves women more than men because women have more fat cells. There are those people who believe that inheritance of skin tags from one generation to another is possible, when, in fact, there is just a little amount of evidence that implies this kind of assertion.

Doctors have several ways that may be considered as far as removing skin tags is concerned. Skin tags may be cut off, burned off, or frozen. Medical shears and scalpels may be used in order to cut the growth. Medical cautery device may also be utilized to burn off the skin tags and this process is known as cauterization. Falling off of skin tags may happen once they are frozen by liquid nitrogen. The focal concept considered on all of these procedures is the stopping of the flow of the blood to the growth. By means of doing this, the chances of having the tags fall of become fatter. The use of local anesthesia is not always requires unless there are large growths involved or the growths are so many.

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