Is There Another Medical Name For Skin Tags?

Skin tags are tiny and harmless tumors consisting of a core fiber, ducts, and nerve cells. The covering of the skin is made of fat cells. There are other medical names that are used to refer to skin tags. Many dermatologists call skin tags as acrochordon, fibroepithelial polyp, fibroma pendulum, cervical papilloma, skin papilloma, cutaneous papilloma, fibroma molluscum, and soft fibroma. These tags, that are often seen lifting off the skin by a stem rod, are also called skin tabs and barnacles by some people. However, the best way to refer to the tags of the skin is simply, skin tags.

The most common parts of the body where skin tags manifest are the creases of the skin including the eyelids, neck, armpits, underneath the breast, and groin. The most common one among the targeted creases is the axilla or the armpit. Irritation of skin tag oftentimes happen due to putting on of jewelry or some clothes as well as shaving of the underarm. However, cutting skin tags inadvertently when shaving brings no harm to the health of the affected individual.

While the very reason why skin tags are common to a lot of people is yet to be known, there are certain matters that may determine their relevance to skin tags. For one, friction contributes a lot to the development of skin tags. Whenever there is rubbing of skin against skin, it is very likely for skin tags to appear. There are also hormones during the pregnancy of a woman that triggers the development of these growths. In rare cases, the use of illegal steroids make the body and the muscles weak which leads to the binding of the collagen fibers and formation of skin tags.

Both men and women have the tendency of having skin tags especially when as one gets older. The best candidates of this growth are people who are pregnant, overweight, and diabetic. Even if skin tags are considered as tumors, there is nothing to worry about having these because they are benign. If pain and inflammation are persistent, then it is best to consult your doctor.

Skin tag removal may be the solution to the problem especially if there is a medical need to remove the growths. Before considering any kind of treatment, it is best to know more about the skin tag removal solutions you can go for.

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