Fraxel Laser Treatment And Skin Tags

Laser skin therapy is an increasingly popular method of dealing with a variety of skin disorders, such as skin tags. The technology is precise, safe and effective. Laser therapy such as fraxel laser is expensive and could fall anywhere from $300-$5,000. Additionally, a patient would require more than one session of laser therapy. The number of sessions may vary according to the number of skin tags the patient may have. Typically a person can have from 50-100 skin tags.


Fraxel laser treatment is a form of laser skin therapy. Approved by the FDA, the fraxel laser treatment works to effectively resurface the skin from the inside. The results are seen in the improved texture of the skin, an even skin tone, and smoother skin. It is considered preferable to other treatments as it is less risk and does not ordinarily result in discomfort from redness and irritation. The fraxel treatment works by penetrating deep into the skin, triggering the body’s natural ability to heal. It replaces damaged tissue with younger, healthier skin. There are no side effects really it largely depends on the individual. It is true that some people are blessed with the ability to heal faster than others. Also, it depends on the intensity of the treatment as well as the severity of the skin tags. Some amount of swelling and redness is normal; however abnormal swelling to the face and eyes, sunburn-type redness with peeling may also occur.


Remember, skin tags are noncancerous skin growth that is small and measures a few millimeters in size. The tags protrude from the skin and sometimes have a short, narrow stalk connecting it to the skin. They are common amongst individuals over the age of 40 and they develop over time.  These growths are prevalent in people who are corpulent and suffer from diabetes. Skin tags are found under the armpits, neck, body folds, back or other place where the skin is rubbing against itself.  It is normally dark in color.

Fraxel laser treatment is expensive but if your skin tags are causing you embarrassment, then maybe it’s time to get rid of them. Though unsightly, depending on where they are and how many you have, they are not contagious. They are harmless and painless too. Since the treatment it is worth every penny, it would be wise to take some precaution in preventing these tags from coming back.


Given that one of the causes of skin tags is obesity then it behooves you to lose weight and begin to eat foods that are rich in vitamins, nutrients and enzymes. Those who are Type 2 diabetic are also at risk; therefore they have to modify their diet. Do you see what the two causes have in common? Both solutions suggest that a sensible diet be adhered to.

As with all types of treatment, always consult a medical professional before making a decision.

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