Will Skin Tags Grow Back?

Perhaps, you have some unsightly pieces of skin, called skin tags, hanging on parts of your body. You have them in places like your armpits, under your breast if you are women or in the groin area. You would like to remove them by surgery but, you are contemplating the possibility that they will grow back. Here are some facts that will assist your decision as to whether you should remove the skin tags.

Skin tags are brown or black in color. It is a skin growth with skin protruding with a narrow stalk which attaches it to the skin. These growths resemble warts. They are not cancerous and neither are they contagious. They tend to affect persons over the age of 40 and above. It also is common in those that are overweight and suffering from Type 2 Diabetes.

If you think you may have skin tags but you cannot ascertain if this is so, visit your doctor or a dermatologist to confirm. They will advise you and set your heart at ease, that having skin tags is not the end of the world. There are treatments though and it is not necessary either.  Do not lose hope as they can be removed through surgery using the sophisticated instruments.

Cryotherapy is a removal process done by freezing off the growth with a probe filled with liquid nitrogen. The area is then treated with local anesthetic and bandaged for healing. This process takes less than an hour and can be performed at the dermatologist’s office.  You could remove them by excision. It is removing the growth using a sterilized scalpel. In this procedure a sharp knife is used to cut the growth from the skin then the skin tissue that remains is bandaged for healing. Cauterization is another of the skin tag removal methods. It is the process of burning off the skin tags with electrolysis. An electric needle is used to destroy them entirely and any additional growth that may be under the skin.

The procedures are quite safe and are done as an outpatient activity. They are all effective but there is still the possibility that these growths may reappear after surgery. Since cauterizing the skin tags not only destroys the tags, but also any pending ones beneath the surface, this would be the most effective of the removal procedures.

Therefore, will they grow back? No. Not if you used the most effective method; cauterize.

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