Skin Tags Treatment Options

Skin tags or acrochordon, are not permanent as there are several treatment options available. Treatments include over the counter medicines, home remedies and high tech laser treatments. But let us first look at what skin tags are.

Skin tags are wart like growths hanging from the skin that appear on the neck, face, groin or genitals. From 50-100 skin tags can develop on a person’s body. People who develop them, get them because of obesity, hereditary and because they may be diabetic. Adults over the age of 40 are also likely to get them.

Studies conducted over the years have determined that the main cause of skin tags is obesity. Why? It is resolved that when the skin rubs together on itself causing friction, the growths appear. They more often than not, appear in areas of the body where the flesh folds, like under the arms, neck, genitals and the groin. Some women get them under the breast due to the rubbing of their wire bra. Skin tags also appear on the eyelids. It is still not certain as to the scientific reasons behind getting the tags. Research seems inconclusive.

Treatment for skin tags is not needed unless they are aggravated, or if the affected person finds it uncomfortable. Sometimes they decide to remove them.  These growths do not cause any pain, except if it is irritated by the material you are wearing. If at all they itch, from irritants such as topical creams or lotion, do not scratch them as this may result in hemorrhaging. If this happens it is imperative that you visit your doctor so that they can have them removed. They can be removed by surgery, freezing, or by searing the growth. Skin tags may also fall off by themselves if twisting occurs due to normal day to day activity.

Some treatment options for skin tags:

  • Home remedy, use tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is an extract from an Australian plant called Melaleuca Alternifolia. Wash and dry the area before first. Then soak a cotton ball in water, apply three drops of tea tree oil and rub the tags. Apply this three times a day for several days until it falls off.
  • Over the counter medicine which when applied dries the tags thus making them fall off.
  • Surgery using a sterilized scalpel to cut away the tags.
  • Cryotherapy, freezing the tags using liquid nitrogen in a probe.
  • Cauterize is using an electric needle used to destroy the tag also any pending tags beneath the skin. This is the most effective method of treatment.

Remember, skin tags are not a sign of pending danger and there are several options regarding the treatment of removal of them.

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