Skin Tags Remedy

Skin tags are a skin condition that is benign and is characterized by soft parts of the skin hanging. There are no symptoms that accompany this skin condition and they are usually felt or irritating when they are repeatedly rubbed maybe by jewelry or clothing. Even shaving can bring about the irritation. Skin tags do not usually bust when they are under pressure but large ones may burst.


Skin tags appear on the skin and therefore can appear on any body part. They mostly appear on body parts where skin rubs against skin like under the breast, the groin, the armpits, the eyelids and the neck.


Skin tags are caused by several things. People who are diabetic and overweight are more susceptible to skin tags. Skin tags can also be inherited. This means they can be passed down from one generation to the next. However, you can remove skin tags by use of a good skin tag remedy.


Since skin tags are usually non-cancerous, and therefore skin tags remedy is not always a must. Most people who seek skin tags remedy usually do so for cosmetic reasons. There are several skin tags remedies that you can use. Some are home-based treatments which at most times are natural while some are clinical.


Apple cider vinegar has been used for several skin conditions and has worked. This solution is a skin tags remedy. You simply apply this solution on the tags and let it dry there. Do this twice a day and in two weeks you will begin seeing good results.


Topical treatments can also be used as skin tags remedy. The best topical treatment is dermisil. This is an herbal extract that attacks which only attacks the tissues of the tags and not the skin around them.


Another skin tags remedy is tying a string at the base of the tag tightly and leave it there for a few days so that there will be no blood supply to the tag and therefore it will die in the end and fall off. The best types of strings to use for this work include dental floss, sewing thread and fishing net.


Nail polish is used for cosmetic purposes to make the nails look awesome but it is important to note that this can also be a skin tags remedy. Nail polish is applied to the tags twice a day. The tag is to be covered completely by the polish and when it starts to dry out, it will shrink the tag. After 2 weeks, the tags will disappear.


In conclusion, it is not a hard task to get rid of skin tags and therefore in case you need to remove yours, please do not hesitate. Before you settle on a skin tags remedy, please check with your physician to ensure that it is compatible with your skin.

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