Skin Tags And Diabetes

Known in medical circles as Arcrochordons, skin tags are small wart-like skin growths characterized by the stalks from which they hang. They are benign, meaning that they are non-cancerous and therefore not dangerous. They typically appear where the skin makes creases on the body such as the neck, the armpits and quite often in the genital area. What causes skin tags to occur? There seems to be no definitive answer to this question. However, studies have shown that certain conditions encourage increased growth of skin tags in some persons. One such condition is Type II diabetes.


In general, researchers believe, carrying excess weight is one of the causes of skin tags. Excess weight causes creasing of the skin, hence development of the condition. This is related to diabetes because the majority of persons who suffer from this form of the disease are also obese. Treatment often involves the modification of the diet and increased exercise which leads to significant weight loss resulting in the disappearance of the skin tags.  Research also indicates that there is a strong correlation between skin tags and insulin resistance. Insulin resistance occurs at the onset of Type II diabetes due it is speculated, to mineral imbalance. A course of vitamin supplements usually takes care of the problem leading to a reduction in the number of skin tags which present on diabetes sufferers.


As was mentioned before, diet modification is essential in combating diabetes especially since diabetic patients are not able to efficiently process carbohydrates. Treatment for the carbohydrate issues quite often results in significant reductions in the occurrence of skin tags. So how are these issues resolved? Briefly, carbohydrates are those foods which are composed of starches, sugar and fiber. They are, in fact the most common source of energy found in food. Most carbohydrates break down into glucose a type of sugar which is absorbed into the bloodstream. When the blood glucose rises, normally the pancreas releases a hormone, insulin, which takes the sugar from the blood, placing them into the cells where they can be utilized as energy. With diabetics this process does not work properly, hence the need for insulin and changes in the diet.


Therefore, treatment and control of the disease will lead to and even prevent the occurrence of skin tags. Reduce the weight through proper eating and constant exercise and this will be one less problem to worry about.

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