Skin Tags And Dieting

Skin Tags And Dieting

How many times have we been to the doctor and he or she tells us that we need to adjust our diet? Diet modification for some becames a compulsory act subsequent to that doctor’s visit. As challenging as it may be for some to wean themselves from fast food, dieting is very rewarding. Eating sensible is what is being advocated all over the media these days as they realize that more and more people are becoming obese. As a result of the obesity, these persons are contracting more illnesses and skin conditions, such as skin tags.

Dieting is crucial to the development and or maintenance of our immune system. Having a healthy body relies solely on this system and may even help prevent these unsightly growth called skin tags. Skin tags are pieces of skin that protrudes from the skin and have a short narrow stalk which keeps it attached. Fifty to one hundred skin tags can be found on the human body when affected. They are very dark in color and can be found under the armpit, neck, groin and eyelids; wherever the skin creases or folds.

You may be thinking that your diet has little or no effect on skin tags, but you are wrong. Many skin care manufacturers know that it does and are therefore developing vitamins enriched skin care products; particularly with Vitamin E. Vitamin E is found in many foods such as green leafy vegetables, whole grains (wheat and oats), wheat germ, vegetable oils, egg yolks, nuts and seeds. Vitamin E is fundamental and essential to our bodies as it protects the cells and maintains the health of the red blood cells.

Although dieting will not directly prevent skin tags, it will keep you from becoming obese. And, obesity is one of the causes for having skin tags. How is this so? Overweight persons tend to have creases and folds of skin causing the skin to constantly rub against each other. This friction that is created is what helps to develop the tags.

So, begin to put away the snacks and other unhealthy foods. Make the switch to having more fruits and vegetables.  Instead of having fast food for dinner, replace it with a balanced home cooked meal. Lessen the amount of saturated oil from animal oils and increase the amount of unsaturated fats found in fish oils. The switch will unequivocally enhance and maintain your immune system, thus making it viable to defend your body from illnesses over time, even skin tags.

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