People With Skin Tags

Have you ever looked at a magazine photo shot of someone and wondered why he or she looks so flawless? No sags, no crooked nose or teeth, no freckles, no skin tags. How do they achieve this? Are they immune to this type of skin condition? No, they are not so don’t envy them. Not because it isn’t visible to you, does not mean that they don’t have it elsewhere. Thanks to technology and photo editing software, these persons can look ten years younger and ten pounds lighter. They can even have their skin tags blotched out.

Skin tags otherwise known as Acrochordon, are soft hanging skin, like a wart except it has a stalk which attaches it to the skin. It is not entirely certain as to how someone gets skin tags. But, research has concluded that being overweight and having diabetes are two common causes, along with the condition running in family genes.

Skin tags are sometimes brown or black, appearing on mostly on the hands, face, genitals, groin and area of the body where the skin folds, e.g. the apron bellies. It is so called because the fat from the belly hangs over and meets the groin area. There are persons with as many as 50-100 tags on their bodies. Skin tags are professionally diagnosed, and this is based on the fact of the appearance of the growth. From time to time, there might be abnormalities. If this is the case, a biopsy will be taken for laboratory testing.

So, the beautiful and flawless pictures of persons you see in magazines are very much prone to having skin tags as well and any other imperfections they may secretly have. We may not believe this is so since they are able to afford any of the expensive treatments such as surgery, cryotherapy or cautery. These treatments are merely for removal only. But many persons, if not all, struggle with their self image and inadequacies. Even actors and actresses and people in the media; they have to keep up appearances.

But every person over the age of 40 who is overweight and suffering from diabetes may contract skin tags. Although they are not cancerous, it is prudent to get a screening to so that the necessary precautions can be taken before it is too late. So, whether you are in the lime light or not, having skin tags just means that you are getting a little older.

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