Infected Skin Tags

Skin tags are pieces of hanging skin found under the armpits, neck, body folds, or other parts where the skin is rubbing against itself.  It can also be found on the genitals of men and women. They are brown and black in color and are small measuring only a few millimeters. They are neither contagious nor cancerous. They are common amongst individuals over the age of 40. But they do look unsightly and may cause embarrassment for some.

Skin tags can turn a person from attractive to unattractive in the eyes of many It is vital that if you consider removing these skin tags, that you get it done by a professional to avoid any complications. There are however, some proven home remedies to remove them. But, caution should be a priority, as much care is not usually taken with the instruments as with a doctor. So, do not attempt to clip them off with a scissor or nail clip, you may be setting yourself up for an infection.

Genital skin tags are prone to infections because of its location. They may open and bleed leaving them vulnerable to additional infections. It then becomes itchy and painful to urinate or have intercourse. Wearing a condom may prevent a rupture or protect the other person from an infection. Even if the skin tags are removed from the genital, the viral infection would still be in the body and a follow up of prescription medicine would be in order.

Skin tags are nothing to be ashamed about. A person can have from 50-100 tags on their body. Women are more prone to having them because of weight gain. Persons who are diabetic are also prone to this skin condition.

Removal is by surgery, cryotherphy, or cautery and does not require a night at the hospital. Treatment is not typically necessary; unless you have aggravated it to the point of hemorrhage. It is irritated by the rubbing of the clothes you wear against the skin. For example, women who wear underwire bras. It is important to note that, if there is hemorrhaging, you need to see a doctor. Skin tags may also fall off by themselves due to twisting from normal day to day activity. They eventually fall off when the blood supply is cut off thus causing them to die.

Skin tags are quite common and they are harmless so there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

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