Q&A: skin tags on vagina?

Laura asks…

skin tags on vagina?

I went to the doctor, and had tests done for warts,and my doctor said they were genital skin tags, they are very tiny and bleed when i pick them, also he put vinegar on the bumps and he said if they turned white they were warts and they didnt change so therefore he diagnosed them as skin tags, can anyone please tell me how i got these, i started getting them when i changed my birth control, and they havent gone away for about 3 months, help me i want rid of them can someone please help me or have advice? thanks

admin answers:

Hi Laura

The first thing is do not worry as your doctor has seen them and confirmed they are vaginal skin tags and nothing to worry about. You may be aware of them but your partner won’t even notice them! If you are certain you want to have them removed you have a few options… you can go back to your doctor and ask him to remove them for you. He will either cut them off or might use liquid nitrogen to freeze them off. You could try the free method of tying a piece of thread around them until they dry out and fall off, or give our skin tag removal kit a try.

Good luck.