Getting Rid Of Skin Tags

Skin tags are harmless. Harmless in this sense refers to the fact that they are not cancerous in any way and are painless. Therefore, they do not need to be a source of any concern. Saying that they are harmless, however, does not mean that they should be left unattended. In fact, skin tags can be very unpleasant especially if they appear in the parts of the body that are most visible like the face.

So, how should skin tags be addressed? They should be removed as soon as possible if they bother you. Some people may try out some medicines to make them subside or disappear just like skin rashes but this method never works. There are specific methods that are used to remove skin tags.

One of such methods is a simple surgical procedure that can also be easily carried out at home. It involves the cutting of the skin tag from its base in order to remove it. Some people may br put off this method because it sounds like a surgical operation. In real sense, it is has a very negligable amount of pain. To remove the skin tag, first sterilize the cutting tool you are going to use using a flame or dipping it in hydrogen peroxide or any alcohol solution. You should then numb the area around the skin tag and cut it right at its base. In some cases if bleeding continues you may need a stitch in which case it is not advisable to try this method yourself at home.

If you feel that you would prefer natural methods of getting rid of skin tags, then you can opt for one of the herbal extracts in the market today. The solution is applied with cotton wool and rubbed on a skin tag regularly until it dries out and falls off.

Vitamin E can also be used in this case. It, however, has to be applied along with band aid. The application procedure is just the same as above’.

If you have the time and resources and are willing to see a dermatologist, then you can have your skin tags removed in complex and more effective methods. One of them is cryotherapy that involves the removal of skin tags by freezing them until the cells within them die and they disintegrate.

There are many other methods that you can use to get rid of skin tags. Please note however, that in some cases, there is a chance that the skin tags may grow back.

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