Q&A: Could This Be Genital Warts?

Gemma asks…

Could This Be Genital Warts?


I lost my virginity in November, to a guy I’d really liked for ages. He took advantage of me drunk one night and we didn’t use a condom and I haven’t had sex since. So That’s the back story, before people judge I’m ‘that type of girl’ (you know what some people are like.)

Anyway, about a month ago I started to notice a few bumps in the entrance to my vagina, fast forward to today and there are more small to medium fleshy bumps right at the entrance and a few see through skin tag type things on the inside of my labia (which weren’t there before. The bumps aren’t itchy or filled with anything but are just there.

Id just like to know what people think about this and what the treatment is? I plan on seeing a Dr, but dont want to see my GP and plan on going to the NHS drop in centre tomorrow.

admin answers:

Yep, sounds like genital warts. The question you must be asking yourself is the guy you had sex with gave you the warts. As I understand it, these warts can transmit from one to the other. Better check a VD specialist ASAP! Also, let the guy know he gave you the warts so he doesn’t pass them on to anyone else. And next time, be sure to use protection as there are a lot more nasty things you can catch from unprotected sex.