Skin Tags On Neck

Skin tags are non-harmful flaps of skin that protrude from the surrounding body skin and they are considered by dermatologist as small tumors. They normally grow slowly to a specific size of about half an inch and then stop growing. Skin tags are formed when an outer layer of skin begins to overgrow envelops collagen fibers. Although they are painless and cause no harm they are irritating as they mostly appear in areas of rapid friction which include neck, groin and armpit.

Skin tags on neck can be caused by various factors such as obesity, diabetes and use of steroids. However, skin tags do not cause an alarming health concern as they are harmful, non-cancerous and painless growths that occur on the outer skin of the body. Research studies done on skin tags also indicate that rubbing against the skin causing friction is a major cause hence that explains the reason why they are most common in areas of rapid movement such as the armpit.

Skin tags on neck are mostly displeasing as they are very visible and irritating hence the desire of immediate removal from a patient. Skin tags on neck can be removed by various ways including self treatment using home remedies or one may choose to dermatologist or a trained professional for proper removal of skin tags.

In case of a dermatologist or a trained professional various methods such as cryotherapy, electrocautery, laser skin tag treatment and surgical ligation may be used to remove skin tag on neck. Self treatment using home remedies can also be applied where one can use simple applicable techniques to remove the skin tags.

Cryotherapy is an effective method to remove skin tags on neck as it kills the cells on the neck skin tag causing them to disintegrate and then fall off. Liquid nitrogen is used in cryotherapy to freeze the cells in the skin tag hence causing the disintegration. It is an effective method as it does not affect the surrounding cells.

Skin tags on neck can be treated by a dermatologist using electrocautery method where an electrolysis machine is equipped with advanced settings that can remove skin tags of all sizes. The skin tags can also be treated using laser skin surgery and also surgical ligation where skin tags are carefully removed in surgical procedures.

Skin tags on neck can also be removed using home remedies where one can either disinfect the cutting tools and remove the skin tag by cutting it or tie a string tightly at the base of the skin fold to remove it.

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