Remove Skin Tags With String

When you first notice skin tags have developed on your skin it is definitely alarming. You may think that perhaps you are developing a skin condition or some dangerous affliction. Such worries are completely unnecessary because skin tags are completely harmless and are not cancerous at all.

Being harmless does not mean that you can just ignore them. They greatly protrude from the skin can be darker or redder than the surrounding skin making them noticable. This is reason enough for you to go ahead and remove skin tags. Of course you feel self conscious and embarrassed having such obvious growths on your body.

Finding out how to remove skin tags is actually very easy. There are many methods that you can employ. Some of them require a professional dermatologist in order to be carried but only few people settle for these methods. Many people opt for the simplest methods that can be easily be implemented at home. A favorite, especially is to remove skin tags with string.

The main aim of this method is to gradually kill the cells within the skin tags by depriving them oxygen and other essential nutrients that cells require for survival. The string method requires you to obtain a piece of string with a reasonable thickness, preferably with a thickness lesser than the length of your skin tag stalk. If it is very thick, you can reduce this thickness by cutting along its length using a blade.

You should then very tightly tie the string around your skin tag and leave it there for about two days or so. When you are applying it, ensure that it goes all the way round the stalk of the skin tag. Avoid tying many rounds of the string. It should not be thick as this would look awkward. The area that you should ensure is the tightest is at the base of the stalk, just above the healthy skin. Please do not be tempted to loosen it even if it gets uncomfortable. This is because doing this is helps the skin tag regain the nutrients.

Finally, ensure that the skin tag has completely disintegrated before you remove the string after having it on for a couple of days. And remember, this, despite being one of the simplest methods, it is still very effective.

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