Q&A: Skin Tags under arm and on back?

Nancy asks…

Skin Tags under arm and on back?

Anyone know a remedy for skin tags ? I read somewhere that said liquid band aid- but its so new its not available in the UK yet.
Another source said duct tape as the body reabsorbs the skin tags ?

admin answers:

Well nancy, if you are looking a way to remove skin tags you have come to the right place! Take look at our Skin Tag Removal Kit.

If you visit your doctor he/she will just snip them off or freeze them with liquid nitrogen. I’m not suggesting this for YOU…but its possible to cut off your own skin tags at home with a pair of tiny, very sharp, sterilized scissors. It hurts a little and bleeds for a while, but then it’s gone. The downside is that this method can leave a small scar.

You could also try tying a piece of dental floss around them very tight, they will drop off after a few days.

Whichever method you choose, your problem is that your skin tags are on an area you cannot reach yourself… see if a good friend,partner or family member will help you do it.

Good luck.