Skin Tags On Face

Skin tags on face are a matter of concern especially where appearances are concerned therefore created special attention to them. Skin tags in general are growths that occur on the skin when blood vessels and collagen are trapped within the skin. They are mostly unpleasant and irritating when they appear on the skin but they are non-cancerous growths hence they are harmless.

Skin tags on face are caused by many factors including genetic composition, obesity, diabetes, steroid use and many other factors. Facial skin tags can also appear on new born babies mostly due to genetics composition and friction within the birth canal during birth. Adults’ skin tags are mostly caused by other factors which include steroids, obesity, diabetes and pregnancy.

Skin tags on face require effective removal immediately that is completely removing the skin tags in a way that it does not grow back and also avoiding observable scars on the face. Facial skin tags can be removed by several effective methods which includes simple surgical procedures, cryotherapy, string procedure and using natural extracts to remove skin tags.

Among the most effective method of removing skin tags on face is by a simple surgical procedure that can be initiated at home with the right equipments. All that is needed is a nail clipper or a sterilized scalpel that can easily cut the skin tag. However, this method is not the best suitable for facial skin tag removal especially for light complexioned people as it requires careful removal in order not to leave any unwanted scars on the face.

Cryotherapy is another effective method of removing skin tags on the face. It follows a process of killing cell tissues within the skin tags by freezing them using liquid nitrogen. After the cell tissues are frozen, they slowly start disappearing leaving no skin tags on the face. The process is mostly suitable as it does not leave any observable scars. The disadvantage of the method is that it leaves a possible chance of the skin tag reappearing on the face again.

Skin tags on face can also be removed using a tight string at the base of the skin tag. The tight string method will mostly take its effect after two days or more. One may also use natural extracts like tea tree oil by removing the skin tags on the face by rubbing against the skin tags till they completely fall off.

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