Identifying Skin Tags

Skin tags are a mild skin infection that is usually harmless and appears as a skin outgrowth. It is usually a soft tissue of skin hanging on the skin surface. Skin tags affect men and women equally and have no preference of gender. Overweight people and those suffering of diabetes have high chances of getting skin tags; this is because skin tags develop on folded parts of the skin. Some skin tags can fall off due to constant friction by the skin and clothing and may go unnoticed however most skin tags rarely fall off.

Skin tags generally are located at the neck, armpits and various body parts. It is associated with friction between the various parts that cause the skin to have an outgrowth that forms a narrow stalk. Overweight people have a lot of flesh therefore will experience constant friction of their body parts, skin tags should not be confused with tumors  as they are not harmless and don’t cause skin cancer. You can remove the tumor if you like since they cannot rejuvenate after removal or become critical. It is not a condition that requires medical attention since it cannot be transmitted from person to person or cause health problems to the infected.

Doctors take pictures of the skin tags on their patient’s skin for examining purposes to ensure that they are skin tags and not tumors or other skin infections. The pictures enable easy comparison with other ailments associated with the skin so that wrong procedures cannot be followed while dealing with the condition. The pictures may be ugly but that should not torment an individual to start removing the skin tags, there are medical procedures that can be followed to remove the skin tags if they are causing discomfort.

Once you develop this skin tags on your skin don’t panic and start taking unnecessary actions, visit a dermatologist who will be able to give you all the knowledge you require about the infection. Only if the skin tags increase on various parts of the body is when you can seek medical treatment which mainly involves removing the tags by various medical methods. You should not take risk of applying prescriptions not instructed by the doctor or remove the skin tags without directive from the doctor. Having a doctor check is better since you may be removing a tumor thinking it’s a skin tag and cause complications.

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