Secrets About Skin Tags

Skin tags can basically be described as tiny pieces of flesh that hang out on to the body.  They will often mainly appear on particular areas of the body like near the ear or ears, around the neck and even on the chest and back.  They vary in size from tiny pieces of typically a millimeter to as big as small balls in some cases. People of all ages can have skin tags and it is hardly surprising to find a young child with one. Several factors are supposed to give raise to skin tags, below are some of the skin tags secrets one needs to be aware of:

Overweight people are often more susceptible to getting skin tags. The main reason for this lies in the fact that their skin will have areas in where it folds up. These folds can lead to build of viruses which in eventually develop into warts and then skin tags. One will therefore take want to watch their weight as a way to avert possible cases of skin tags.

Women who are pregnant will also be prone to cases of skin tags. This is attributed to changes in the level of hormones along with the increase in weight.

People who use steroids especially in significant quantities will often develop skin tags. Steroids have been known to result in the binding of skin fiber in the muscles of individuals using them. This ultimately leads to the creation of skin tags.

Genes will also highly influence the chances of skin tag formation on people. A person in whose family some incidents of skin tags have existed will most likely have them at some point in their lives.

Skin tags secrets extend to methods in which they can be removed. Dermatologists are the best persons to do this job and a number of modern ways are now available for selection. These include; natural remedies, prescribed products and surgical methods.

Surgery- here a dermatologist will cut out the skin tags either using a scalpel or pair of scissors. Laser treatment can also be used to get rid of skin tags. It is employs a high level of precision although it is more expensive.

Prescribed products- more often than not, one can be able to purchase a products such skin creams or ointments that can be used in skin tag removal. This is a less expensive method although advice of a medical person will be necessary before any use.

Natural Remedies- some other people will employ home based methods of treatment in which one can use vinegar, dental floss or nail polish. However, caution should be exercised with this method.

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