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If you are looking for a very stubborn skin condition, skin tag happens to be a very good example of such a condition. One thing about this form of skin condition is that it can appear on any part of the body.  On many occasions, it had been noticed in the most offensive parts of the body; like the armpit and the genitals. It can also form on the anus. If you are having skin tag on these parts of your body, you really need to deal with things on time because of the complications that can ensue if things are not done normally.

The related complications

If skin tag in the inner thigh is left untreated, it can get easily bruised. This is because the inner thigh area is consistently experiencing high friction.  When the skin tag is taken through this friction, it tends to get bruised and bruised skin tag can get easily infected. Do not forget that the inner thigh area is almost always dirty and moist. The moisture promotes the easy infection of the bruised inner thigh skin tag. This can make things get more complicated. 

Surgical removal method

You can remove the skin tag through some simple surgical procedure. This method of removal is both safe and very easy to perform. The inner thigh area is infected wi6th local anesthesia. This will deaden the skin around this area and the patient will not feel the pain while the tag is being excised.  This is just a minor surgery and it is used when the tag is not so big. But in case the tag is large, there may be need to carry out major surgery. The doctor may want to give you systemic anesthesia when the major surgery is being performed.

Tweezers can also help out

You can also make sue of tweezers to help you get rid of the skin tag around your inner thigh area. In order to get this done, the tweezers is applied directly to the base of the tag and then pulled off. This method is very fast and it will get rid of the tag within seconds. In place of a tweezers, it is also possible for you to make use of scissors to cut off the Skin tag from your skin. When you are carrying this out, it is very important that you make use of a scissors or tweezers that is completely sterile.


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Skin tag is a general kind of skin condition that can affect practically everyone. Both old and young are not spared at all by skin tag. Both sexes too are affected. Your race does not also spare you from this skin condition.  Skin tag can also be found on different parts of the body. There are times it tends to grow bigger than normal. At times like this, it becomes very important to get rid of the skin condition. Skin tag is so common to the extent that it can also affect animals.

Skin tag can be removed by using several methods. Since the skin condition had been discovered, lots of researches had been made into it and how to get things under control. In case you are having skin tag, you should not be so bothered about how to get it removed; many methods are available at your disposal. This write up will look into the use of creams for treating skin tags.

Some special creams had been made for the removal of skin tag from the skin. These creams contain some active ingredients that help to dry the skin tag up and get it removed from the skin. The creams have a way of penetrating into the skin tag and drying up its supply of nutrient. This will lead to the shrinking of the skin tag, which will result into the complete removal of the skin condition.

In applying the skin tag removal cream, make sure that the skin tag is washed gently. This will help remove any thing that may obstruct the healing process. Apply the cream directly on top of the skin tag and cover things up with a band aid. This will help to ensure that the cream remains on the skin tag for long.

It is not difficult at all to come by skin tag removal creams. They can actually be obtained all over the place. Enter into any drug store and you should be able to get the creams. You can also shop for the creams online.

The skin tag removal creams had rarely been known to have any negative effect on the skin. But to be on the safer side, it will be better if you carry your dermatologist along while you are using the creams. Since individuals have different skin textures,   the effect of the creams on one person’s skin may differ from that of another person.

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Skin tag is one of the most popular skin problems of nowadays. This skin condition had gained lots of popularity all over the world to the extent that there is no country of the world where it is not experienced. The importance gained by this skin condition had also led to a situation in which so many products had been made to battle it. Check out any of the drugstores that we have around today and you will be surprised at the number of products that have already been made to deal with Skin tag.  In case you are having this skin condition and you are thinking of getting rid of it, you are sure of coming by several products that you can successfully use to deal with this skin problem.

H-skin tags

This is a very important product that had been specially designed for the removal of Skin tag.  This product functions by reducing the size and the height of the skin condition and you are sure of getting rid of the tag before long if you consistently make use of this product. One special thing about the product is that it can remove the Skin tag without leading to any form of scar after the tag had been removed. It can also work on the tag found on any part of the body. This product is used as a topical cream. It is applied externally to the Skin tag and you are sure of getting positive result from it within a period of two weeks.


This brand name is very popular as far as Skin tag removal is concerned. It had been found to be one of the best materials that can be used for this purpose.  You only need to apply it on the tag over night and you are sure of positive result by the next morning.


This is another important product that can be used in the fight against Skin tag. It comes in the form of oil and when it is applied on the tag, it can get the skin condition removed in a short period of time. It does not leave any form of scar and it does not cause any pain.

Skin tag DX

This product is also able to win the battle against Skin tag.  It functions as a topical cream. When it is applied on the tag, it helps to destroy the tag right form its base.

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A thrombosed skin tag usually appears blue in color. They can also be referred to as hemorrhoid. They occur when veins protrude externally and blood gathers within the externally protruding veins. The blue color is due to the natural color of the deoxygenated blood in the vein. It is not difficult at all to identify this form of skin tag. They are also very obvious when they occur.  They have different feel; depending on how long they had occurred on the skin. At times, they may feel soft or hard.

Its characteristics

There is no regular blood flow in the thrombosed skin tag. But when this form of skin tag is irritated for any reason, blood may be forced to flow into them through broken capillaries and the blue color may change to red.  When this happens, lots of pain is felt by the person having the Thrombosed skin tag. The skin tag may also become swollen in the process. The blood in it can also be forced out and this will result into bleeding. The nerves around the area are also strongly affected.  Aside the bleeding mentioned above, Thrombosed skin tag does not lead to any other form of complication.

What can cause it?

Thrombosed skin tag is not caused by the same thing that leads to other forms of skin tags. When you sit down for too long, you may end up with this skin condition on your anal region. Lifting of heavy weight can also lead to it. It can also be had when the anal region is subjected to tension and pressure during child birth.  Those who strain their muscles excessively when they try to move their bowels can also end up with thrombosed skin tag.

How can it be treated?

The Thrombosed skin tag can get itself resolved after a period of five to six weeks. The blood that had been trapped in it can end up being reabsorbed into the body and the individual will be free from it. Surgical interventions too can become necessary to remove the skin condition. This becomes necessary if the growth does not go on its own or if the swelling increases with pain.  When this skin condition is being removed surgically, lots of bleeding can occur. It is therefore not safe to attempt getting it done at home. A hospital is the best place to visit for save removal of the Thrombosed skin tag.

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Skin tags are a skin condition that is characterized by soft hanging skin. This skin condition is benign and affects both women and men. This skin condition affects the two sexes equally therefore none of the two is more prone to it than the other one.


Skin tags are caused by several things. They can be inherited genetically and also caused by being overweight. Pregnancy hormones can bring about tags and it can also be acquired. For women, those who have an alright weight but have larger breasts compared to their body are also likely to have this condition affecting them under the breast.  The prime reason for skin tags appearing is the effect on the skin by friction from cloths or surrounding skin.



Skin tags affect several parts of the body like the underarms, the folds of the groin, the neck, the upper chest, and the eyelids and under the breasts.  This skin condition comes in different forms. Tags can sometimes be lighter than the rest of the surrounding skin or even darker. Some can be flesh colored, others wrinkled, others flat and others on a peduncle which makes them hang. You can have little and big skin tags.


Little skin tags are no reason for alarm as they are normal. Little skin tags are not cancerous. The only difference between little skin tags and the other big ones is size. The way you deal with little skin tags is the same way you deal with big skin tags.


Skin tags treatments are many and one method is the tie and clip method. This method is not that applicable to little skin tags. This is so as some little skin tags tend to be flat and therefore tying a thread under them is difficult. However, if the little skin tags are hanging, you can tie them at their base tightly with a thread and then when the skin tags are numb, you can use a clean pair of scissors to clip the tags off.


In case the little skin tags are flat; you can use the castor oil method. This is a simple home remedy method that you can use to deal with little skin tags. Mix the castor oil with baking soda to make a thick paste. This paste is then applied on the little skin tags and left to dry. After about two weeks, the little skin tags will dry up and fall off.

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Top Skin Tag Treatment

A skin tag is a benign skin growth you can easily treat on your own without having someone to monitor you; as a matter of fact they are totally harmless. However it is recommended that a doctor checks the growth first before you start your treatment, this basically allows the doctor to check if the growth is actually a skin tag and not any other skin condition. Getting a qualified dermatologist test for you is better other than an unqualified dermatologist who may jump into conclusion.

There are various ways you can remove skin tags and they all depend on the preference of the affected individual. Use of medication can be the best since you don’t incur pain but this method requires patience, skin tags take time to vanish therefore if you are impatient and start trying all sorts of different medications you will end up making the problem worse. The top skin tag treatment used by doctors is to cut off the skin tag, this can be rather painful but you will have the skin tag removed instantly although you may need a stitch and be left with a small scar.

The top skin tag treatment for a low budget is to tie a piece of string around the base which will cut off the circulation. The skin tag will die and fall off after a few days.

The top skin tag treatment overall for price, ease of use & results is this skin tag removal kit. Its 100% natural & the results are fantastic.

When purchasing medication or treatment for skin tags make sure you purchase them from an authorized pharmaceutical, check the seal if they are expired and if they are products of a licensed medical company. Don’t depend on over the counter drugs unless you are sure that it is the medication prescribed by the doctor. Due to the technological changes in the medicine industry enquire if there are new releases of the products in the market. Use the medication as prescribed by the doctor and if the condition doesn’t seem to improve ask the doctor if you can remove the skin tag or the doctor can cut the skin tag for you.

If the skin tag reappears it is always good to seek the doctor’s help, since the skin may be having other infections without your awareness. After cutting off the skin tag make sure you clean the infected part immediately with an antibacterial solution and cover the wound with bandage to prevent germs from causing other infections. Lastly note that skin tags don’t necessarily require treatment only when they cause irritation or if they become too large and cause cosmetic concerns.

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