Little Skin Tags

Skin tags are a skin condition that is characterized by soft hanging skin. This skin condition is benign and affects both women and men. This skin condition affects the two sexes equally therefore none of the two is more prone to it than the other one.


Skin tags are caused by several things. They can be inherited genetically and also caused by being overweight. Pregnancy hormones can bring about tags and it can also be acquired. For women, those who have an alright weight but have larger breasts compared to their body are also likely to have this condition affecting them under the breast.  The prime reason for skin tags appearing is the effect on the skin by friction from cloths or surrounding skin.



Skin tags affect several parts of the body like the underarms, the folds of the groin, the neck, the upper chest, and the eyelids and under the breasts.  This skin condition comes in different forms. Tags can sometimes be lighter than the rest of the surrounding skin or even darker. Some can be flesh colored, others wrinkled, others flat and others on a peduncle which makes them hang. You can have little and big skin tags.


Little skin tags are no reason for alarm as they are normal. Little skin tags are not cancerous. The only difference between little skin tags and the other big ones is size. The way you deal with little skin tags is the same way you deal with big skin tags.


Skin tags treatments are many and one method is the tie and clip method. This method is not that applicable to little skin tags. This is so as some little skin tags tend to be flat and therefore tying a thread under them is difficult. However, if the little skin tags are hanging, you can tie them at their base tightly with a thread and then when the skin tags are numb, you can use a clean pair of scissors to clip the tags off.


In case the little skin tags are flat; you can use the castor oil method. This is a simple home remedy method that you can use to deal with little skin tags. Mix the castor oil with baking soda to make a thick paste. This paste is then applied on the little skin tags and left to dry. After about two weeks, the little skin tags will dry up and fall off.

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