Skin Tags Growing

Skin tags are a skin condition that is very common. It is observed in both males and females and neither of the sexes is more prone to it. Skin tags are characterized by soft hanging skin. However, in some cases this skin can be flat and be at the same level with the rest of the skin.


Most people wonder what the causes of skin tags are. These are caused by several factors. Skin tags can be inherited and also caused by obesity. They can be passed from one person to the next and also caused by pregnancy hormones. Skin tags affect many parts of the body where the parts are subjected to friction either by cloths or surrounding. You can have skin tags at the fold of the groin, the eyelids, and the upper chest and under the breasts.


There are several forms of skin tags. Some are hanging while some are flat; some skin tags are wrinkled while others have tight skin. In terms of color, there are skin tags that are flesh colored while others are darker than the skin. Skin tags growing is a usual occurrence but not that usual.


Skin tags are usually very small sized but you can have skin tags growing up to the size of grapes. In a very rare case is where you will find skin tags growing to the size of grapes. When we talk about skin tags growing, we not only mean skin tags growing in size but also in numbers. There are patients who have had skin tags growing in large numbers and forming clusters.


Skin tags growing can cause a lot of concern to the affected person. This is so as it becomes very unsightly and irritating. Skin tags growing can be prevented by taking medication. Skin tags growing back again will be effectively avoided by a tie and clip method. You will have to tightly tie a thread at the base of the tag. This gets rid of blood supply to the skin tag and makes it numb. You then take a sterilized pair of scissors and cut of the skin tag. This will be an open wound and therefore you need to keep it sterilized and clean with an antibacterial ointment and if you do not have one, peroxide can do the trick.


In conclusion, you need to speak with your dermatologist before using any skin tag removal method.

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