Skin Tag Under Arm

Skin Tag Under Arm

Skin conditions are many and affect us as human beings. Each human being has a story about suffering from a skin condition. Skin tags are one of the many common skin conditions. A skin tag is soft hanging skin on certain parts of the body that is painless or harmful. This skin condition can be observed in areas of the skin subjected to friction from other skin or cloths like the underarms, the folds of the groin, the neck, the upper chest, and the eyelids and under the breasts.


Skin tags are caused by many things. First, this skin condition is acquired meaning that it can be contacted from an infected person. If someone in your lineage had or has skin tags, then you are likely to have them too as it is inherited. This skin condition can also be caused by obesity or pregnancy hormones.


As earlier stated, skin tags can be found under the arms. Skin tag under arm can be very annoying for someone who likes wearing sleeveless shirts or tops. This is so as the person might feel very uncomfortable if people get to see the tags and wonder what they really are especially if they are clustered.


Skin tag under arm can be gotten rid off in several ways. The under arm is not so sensitive hence there will be no excruciating pain. You can tie the skin tag under arm and snip it off by the user of a pair of scissors. For this process, you need a thread and a pair of scissors. The thread is used to tightly tie the skin tag under arm and stop the flow of blood into it. This will make it numb and when you snip the tag off, you will not have any pain. Since a wound will be left, you need to keep it clean. Peroxide will enable you do that.


Another way of dealing with skin tag under arm is by freezing it in a process known as cryotherapy. This involves the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the growths. This process is done by a dermatologist.


Skin tag under arm can also be removed by electrocautery. With this method, electric charge of low voltage is directed to the tip of a needle and this is used to bun the skin tag under arm.


Lastly, skin tag under arm can be removed at home using over-the-counter medications. Before you settle on any way of removing skin tag under arm, please discuss it with a doctor.


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