Thrombosed Skin Tag

A thrombosed skin tag usually appears blue in color. They can also be referred to as hemorrhoid. They occur when veins protrude externally and blood gathers within the externally protruding veins. The blue color is due to the natural color of the deoxygenated blood in the vein. It is not difficult at all to identify this form of skin tag. They are also very obvious when they occur.  They have different feel; depending on how long they had occurred on the skin. At times, they may feel soft or hard.

Its characteristics

There is no regular blood flow in the thrombosed skin tag. But when this form of skin tag is irritated for any reason, blood may be forced to flow into them through broken capillaries and the blue color may change to red.  When this happens, lots of pain is felt by the person having the Thrombosed skin tag. The skin tag may also become swollen in the process. The blood in it can also be forced out and this will result into bleeding. The nerves around the area are also strongly affected.  Aside the bleeding mentioned above, Thrombosed skin tag does not lead to any other form of complication.

What can cause it?

Thrombosed skin tag is not caused by the same thing that leads to other forms of skin tags. When you sit down for too long, you may end up with this skin condition on your anal region. Lifting of heavy weight can also lead to it. It can also be had when the anal region is subjected to tension and pressure during child birth.  Those who strain their muscles excessively when they try to move their bowels can also end up with thrombosed skin tag.

How can it be treated?

The Thrombosed skin tag can get itself resolved after a period of five to six weeks. The blood that had been trapped in it can end up being reabsorbed into the body and the individual will be free from it. Surgical interventions too can become necessary to remove the skin condition. This becomes necessary if the growth does not go on its own or if the swelling increases with pain.  When this skin condition is being removed surgically, lots of bleeding can occur. It is therefore not safe to attempt getting it done at home. A hospital is the best place to visit for save removal of the Thrombosed skin tag.

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