Surgical Skin Tag Removal

Several methods can be utilized in the removal of skin tag. It is possible to make use of natural methods and you can also utilize many of the other methods that we have around. There are several medications that had also been developed for the removal of your skin tag. Some of the medical methods are available in form of topical creams that can be applied directly on the tag on your skin. You can be very sure of getting good result from the use of this cream.  It is also possible for you to get rid of the skin condition through surgical intervention.

The simple surgery

Surgery had proved to be one of the best methods to remove skin tag. The surgery can be performed in two different ways; depending on the size and severity of the tag.  If the tag is small in size, very simple form of surgery is needed. The application of local anesthesia is necessary. The anesthesia only needs to be injected into the area where the tag is and the person being operated upon can stay awake all through the period of the surgery.  After the injection of the anesthesia, excision of the skin tag can then be done.

The major surgery

But in case the skin tag is big and it covers several places on the skin, it may become necessary to carry out major surgery on the person having the skin condition. In a situation like this, the use of systemic anesthesia becomes necessary. In a case like this, the person being operated upon may also lose much blood in the process. He or she may not know a thing until after the skin tag had been completely removed. But it is certain that the pain will still be felt by the time the patient is up.

How expensive?

Surgical procedure for removing skin tag is not too expensive. But in comparison with other methods used to get rid of the skin condition, it can be said to be expensive. It may not be possible for you to go through with it if you do not have the financial wherewithal.


Even if the minor form of the surgery performed for the removal of skin tag is not so difficult to carry out, it is never in the interest of anyone to try to get it done at home. This is because the surgery can lead to considerable bleeding.

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