Why Does My Skin Tag Hurt

Skin tag can come up on any part of the body. On several occasions, it had been discovered to come up on parts of the body like the folding of the neck and the genitals. It had also been reported on place like the breast and even the eyelid.  All the forms of skin tag that appear on these parts look alike. The only difference is that they may have different sizes and different shades of color; depending on the color of that particular part of the body. In general, skin tags are just protrusion of the skin.

Normally, skin tags do not hurt anyone. They also do not lead to anything like cancer. In case you are having the fear of the skin tag leading to cancer, you should stop getting yourself scared. In some instances anyway, skin tags can become very hurtful. In case you are having this form of skin tag, you will be enlightened why it is so through this simple write up.

When kin tag gets hurtful

Your skin tag can become hurtful if it appears on some specific parts of the body. This is to say that it is not all forms of skin tags that can end up being hurtful. The ones that can hurt you are those that grow on areas of the body that experience consistent friction.  Such skin tags implicated are those that come up on areas like the genitals and the armpit. Do not forget that the skin in these areas tend to brush against each other as you move. If any skin tag is growing on such an area, you will experience pain as you are performing these movements.

If clothing is allowed to brush on your skin tags too, it can make the skin tag very hurtful.  Wearing tight fitting clothing may therefore predispose the skin tag to being hurtful.

Things to watch against

When your skin tag starts hurting you, it is an indication that the skin tag is getting bruised. When skin tags get bruised, the door is being opened to infection. You should not forget that areas like the groins and the armpit are moist. When skin tags get bruised in these areas, the moisture touches them and the normal flora of the body will cause infection on the bruised skin tag.


Without wasting time, you will do well to get rid of the hurtful skin tag before it introduces infection into your system.

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