Will Skin Tag Treatment Harm My Baby

Many pregnant women get a skin tag on their body. It is true that skin tag can come up at any time during one’s existence, but there are some skin tags that specifically come up during pregnancy. There is actually not much difference between this form of skin tag and any other type. They all look like lumps of flesh hanging on the skin. They also have exactly the same color as the skin color of the pregnant woman.

When a pregnant woman has skin tag, it is normal for her to get worried about the possible negative effect that the skin tag can have on the baby. In case you are pregnant and there are these weird growth coming up on your skin, this simple write up will open your eyes to the possible effect that the skin condition can have on your baby.

No effect on your baby

The truth remains that skin tag growing on your skin will not have any effect on your baby. Some women are of the opinion that your child will end up with skin tag if you have it during pregnancy. The truth is that there is no justification for this kind of idea. You should therefore not be bothered about your baby coming up with skin tags.

Things to consider

There are times that the skin tag you have on your skin can have one form of effect or the other on your baby. The pregnancy may get affected by the treatment methods you are applying to it. It is therefore not advisable for you to try to remove the skin tag while you are still in pregnancy. Some of the treatment methods can end up penetrating into your skin and enter into the fetal blood circulation. Do not forget that the treatment methods may be too strong for the fetus; their presence in its circulation will have adverse effect one the pregnancy. It is therefore better to wait till you have given birth before you ever apply any treatment to the skin condition.

The exceptional cases

There are times you can as well get rid of the skin tag while you are still pregnant. Skin tag treatment having effect on your baby depends on the treatment method you are making use of. If you simply tie a strong around the stalk of the skin tag to cut its blood supply, it will not affect your baby in anyway.

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