Skin Tags On Dogs

Skin Tags On Dogs

Skin tag has been noticed on human subjects on several occasions. But the truth of the matter is that it can also be seen on animals. If you check the skin of your dog properly enough, it is possible that you will come by one or two skin tags on the skin of the dog.

The appearance of the skin tag on the dog does not differ in the least form the one that appears on human subjects.  Just like the ones that appear on human subjects can be infected, the ones that come up on dogs too can end up getting infected. Do not forget that dogs get mixed up with dirt more than humans. The tags on them can end up getting infected more than the ones that appear on human subjects.

Predisposing factors

If your dog is the type that loves to play in the sands and get dirty, the animal stands a very great chance of ending up with skin tags. It is very important for dogs to be given periodic cleaning. If you do not clean your dog periodically, the chances of skin tag growing on the animal become very high.

Important consideration

Talking about skin tags on dogs, it is important to note that the skin growth can be transferred from the animal to human beings. In case you love cuddling your dogs or you even love placing the dog on your bed when you sleep at night, you stand a very good chance of contacting the skin tag on the skin of the dog. You too will end up having the skin growth on your skin.

What to do

It is not in your best interest to let the dog come too close when it is having skin tag. It wil be wiser to restrict the movement of the dog until it had been fully treated for skin tags.  Make sure you carry out periodic check of the skin of the dog to find out if the animal is having skin tag or any other from of skin problem. When you discover the skin problem, it will be better to consult a vet doctor immediately. The earlier treatment is sought, the better for the health of the dog.


The treatment method utilized for the removal of the skin tag from the skin of your dog can be very painful. You will be needed to hold and reassure the dog during treatment.

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