Skin Tags & Pregnancy

Skin tag comes up on the skin as one grows old, but it had also been discovered to develop at younger age. But the truth is that those who have it at a younger age are not many. Skin tag is one of the commonest kinds of skin conditions. They appear in the form of lumps that are hanging by a stalk.  The stalk is the part of skin tag that is attached to the skin.  There is no part of the body that is actually free from the skin condition.

Several researches had been carried out on the skin tag and it had been discovered that skin tag can be associated with pregnancy. This means that pregnant women do stand a very good chance of ending up with skin tag.  This form of skin tag or any other form of this skin condition does not have any negative impact on the health of the affected person whatsoever. There is also no link between skin tag and cancer. Since skin tag is not harmful, it can be left alone. They can disappear on their own after delivery. But in case you do not fancy the idea of bearing the skin tags around all the time, you can get rid of this skin problem.

How to remove

There is nothing special about removing skin tag that comes up during pregnancy. You only need to get rid of it just like you will get rid of the skin condition at any stage in your life. But it is not advisable to touch the skin tag while you are still in pregnancy. It will be in the best interest of the mother and child to wait till after delivery before you get rid of it.

Freeze things up

After delivery, the skin tag on your body can be easily removed by freezing it up. This is best done by using liquid nitrogen. When applied one the skin tag, the liquid nitrogen will help to freeze the skin condition and it will peel off the skin after some days. You however need to apply the liquid nitrogen consistently for some time.

Go the fastest way

It is also possible to get rid of skin tag by cutting it off with a scissors. This is actually the fastest method of getting rid of it. It does not take you more than a second to get things over and done with.

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