Skin Tag-Like Bumps

It is possible that you are even having skin tag without knowing. There are times that the skin condition looks like something else. But through this simple write up, you will be enlightened about the general appearance of skin tag so that you will be able to easily identify it and get it treated on time before things get out of hands.

What you should look out

In appearance, skin tag looks like bumps on the skin. The bumps give the impression that they are actually hanging off the skin. The skin tag bumps appear irregular. The skin tag gives the impression that it is attached to the skin through a fleshy stalk. The color of the skin tag bumps to differ; depending on the color of the skin on which they are growing. The sizes of skin tags too differ. There are times that skin tags have deeper shade of color from that of the skin of the affected person. Skin tag bumps are referred to as acrochordon.

Where to look out for them

Skin tags have some specific areas of the skin where they grow. Areas that are moist and areas that are consistently rubbed on the body are the places you should look out for skin tags.  The groin areas, the eyelid and folds of the neck are the places where you can easily notice skin tags. Aside the places mentioned above, it is also possible for you to have skin tags on several other parts of the body.

When you can have the bumps

It is possible for skin tag bumps to appear on practically anyone; irrespective of how old or young the person is. But there is greater chance of having the skin tags bumps as one grow older. Those who are in their middle ages are more exposed to it. Pregnant women too stand a good chance of having skin tags. After delivery, it is possible for the skin condition to disappear on its own.


The appearance of skin tag bumps has no explanation yet. They just show up on the skin at their whim. They are also completely harmless; provided they are not bruised and infected. It is not so difficult to get rid of skin tag bumps. There are so many natural treatment methods that can be utilized. One of such methods includes the use of natural essential oil. The oil can be applied directly on the skin condition.

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