Skin Tag On The Neck

Skin Tag On The Neck

There are different forms of skin problems. But skin tag is a rather special one among them in that it grows in a rather strange manner in comparison with any other form of skin condition. It appears like a lump on the skin. The lump is held in place by a stalk. This makes the skin tag looks like a plant of sort on the skin. The skin tag is common in that it can affect practically everybody. It can also occur at any age. But several researches have shown that it is more common as one grow old.

It should also be noted that skin tag can appear on any part of the body. On several occasions, it had been noticed on the neck of certain individuals. Skin tag on the neck does not differ in anyway from the ones that grow on any other part of the body. This form of skin tag is however very obvious and everyone who walks past you on the street will see it on you. In case you do not like the idea of people staring at your neck as you go on the walkways, you may decide to get the skin problem removed.

The surgical removal

The skin tag can be easily removed by surgery; in case you are the type that loves to do things appropriately all the time, you can decide to pay a visit to the hospital when you notice the skin tag on your neck. The skin tag can be easily removed by excision. The spot of removal can then be treated to prevent blood loss. After some hours, the pain should be over. There is also rarely any possibility of the skin tag removed this way to grow back.

Some home remedies

Aside the surgical method described above for removing skin tag on the neck, there are some home remedies that you can easily make use of to get rid of the skin tag. You can sit at home and apply these methods without any problem of any kind.  You can tie string around the stalk of the skin tag and this will prevent blood and nutrient from flowing to the skin tag. The skin tag will die off within a very short period of time.


There are several other home remedies that can also be used for the removal of this skin problem on the neck. But you need to be certain that it will not harm your skin further before you apply it.

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