Skin Tag On Breast

Skin tag is one of the most stubborn skin conditions around. It can come up on any part of the body; irrespective of the psychological or health implication it may have on such areas. On several occasions, skin tags have shown up on the breast. This is something that many women will not like. But there seems to be nothing anyone can really do about it.  In this simple write up, you will learn about some important points as regard skin tags on the breast

Its general appearance

The skin tag that comes up on the breast is just like every other skin tag that can comes up on any part of the body. It has exactly the same appearance and the same shape. It appears like a hanging piece of skin and nothing more. The color of the skin tag on the breast also depends on the part of the breast on which it is growing. If the skin tag is growing on the general part of the breast, it will take the color of that particular part. If is growing on the nipples, it will also take the color of the nipple.  The sizes too do differ just like every other skin tag on other parts of the body.

The misconception

Many women who end up with skin tags on the breast are worried of the possibility of the skin tag leading to breast cancer. It is very important to understand that this form of skin tag or any other form skin tag does not lead to cancer of any kind. You should therefore stop bothering your head about such things as this.

Simple treatment

You also need to understand the skin tag appearing on the breast can be treated with any of the methods that can be used for any other form of skin tag.  This means you can also make use of any of the home remedies for treating your skin tag if the thought of visiting the hospital with a skin tag on your breast (this can be very embarrassing; don’t you think?).

You can make use of duct tape to remove the skin tag on your breast. You only need to wrap the duct tape around the skin tag. You need to let this remain in place for as long as possible. Make sure that you do not remove it until the duct tape sows sign of falling off on its own.

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