Skin Tags After Childbirth

There are lots of links between pregnancy and skin tags. Many individuals who are pregnant do have skin tags. On many occasions, the skin tags that appear during pregnancy tend to disappear on their own. You may therefore not worry about the skin condition if it appears during your pregnancy.

On several occasions, it had also been noticed that skin tags can specifically appear after childbirth, many women are actually bothered about this kind of development. Many think that the appearance indicates some health problem. This simple write up will open your eyes to things you need to know about skin tags appearing after childbirth.

Why they come up

Skin tags usually come up due to some kind of increased hormonal secretions in the body of the affected individual. During pregnancy, the hormones can increase their production. They tend to continue the increased production some days weeks after childbirth. This increased secretion is usually responsible for the development of skin tag on the skin after child birth.

Some women are of the opinion that the skin tag comes up if they had stitches during child labor. It is very important to note that there is no link between the skin tag and stitches after childbirth.

What to do

When the skin tag appears this way, you should not bother in the least or get worried about them. Its appearance does not have any health implication on you at all. You can always get it removed just like any other kind of skin tag growing on any part of the body. Do not forget that the skin tags appearance after birth or during pregnancy normally comes up ion the genitals. It is therefore better for you to get rid of them on time. Such skin tags can get bruised due to friction between them and your clothing material. You should then look for a way to get rid of them on time before they cause further damage.

Simple treatment

Taking the skin tags to the hospital can cost you quite a lot. Removal of skin tag is considered as a cosmetic kind of procedure. You may therefore not be covered by your health insurance. There are times you may have to pay up to $150 per skin tag removed at the hospital. In order to avoid this expensive procedure, you can simply cut off the skin tag with a scissors and things will be alright.

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