Are Skin Tags Harmless?

Skin tags are all over the place. Anyone can have it. When you see it on someone else, you should be careful how you laugh at the ugly appearance of the individual. This is because you too can have it. It can appear on anyone; irrespective of age, sex or race. It is however known to come up more on the older generation. The truth is that one tends to have it more often as one grows old. Those between the ages of 50 and 60 years have greater propensity to have skin tags. Pregnant women too can end up with this skin condition. In fact, it had been discovered that women generally end up with skin tag more than men.

Skin tags appear as hanging grain of rice on the skin and they can take up the same color as the color of the particular skin on which they are appearing. Have you been wondering if skin tag is harmful or not? Through this simple write up, your eyes will be opened to the true nature of this skin condition.

How harmful

Skin tags are generally benign. This means that they are not harmful in anyway. The skin tag can remain on your skin without having any negative contribution to your health. There are even times that the skin tag can disappear from the skin on its own if you let it be. The only damage that skin tag can ever do is to your public looks. Aside this, skin tag is completely harmless.

When things can go out of hands

Skin tag is only harmless if it is left alone and undisturbed. But if you allow your clothing materials to brush against the skin tag, the skin growth may end up getting bruised. This usually happens to skin tags that grow in areas like the genitals. When this occurs the skin tag may get infected. Infected skin tags are actually harmful.  Other bacterial infections may come in and the individual may suffer health complications.


Aside the possibility mentioned above, skin tags are completely harmless. In fact, you will never even feel any pain as a result of the skin tag that you have. In case you have been bothered about skin tags causing cancer, you will do well to forget about such an idea. When you make attempt to remove the skin tag, nothing negative will come up as a result.

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