Skin Tags – A Common Problem

Skin tags are a common type of skin condition. It is a noncancerous skin growth that is small and measures a few millimeters in size. The tags protrude from the skin and sometimes have a short, narrow stalk connecting it to the skin. They are common amongst individuals over the age of 40 and they develop over time.

Skin tags are found under the armpits, neck, body folds, back or other place where the skin is rubbing against itself.  It is normally dark in color. These growths are prevalent in people who are corpulent and suffer from diabetes. Hence, the reason for stating these as causes. Addition to that, it is also the notion that it is somewhat genetic.  Hormones have also been blamed as one of the causes of skin tags. Since a woman’s body go through some amount of hormonal changes when she is pregnant, skin tags may develop. Some people have as many as 50-100 tags on their body. It is also not contagious, so don’t worry about being too close to anyone.

Skin tags are diagnosed mostly by dermatologists, and are based heavily on the appearance of the growth itself. Sometimes, if there are abnormalities, a biopsy may be taken for laboratory testing. Even though it is not cancerous, it is prudent to be certain so that the necessary precautions can be taken before it is too late.

If you skin tags are causing you to be embarrassed, you may consider removing them. You may remove them using surgery or if you are into home remedies, there are quite a few of them you could try. Although treatment is not usually necessary, you may have aggravated yours to the point of hemorrhage. It is irritated by the clothes you wear or maybe you had put on something like shaving cream.  It is important to note that, if there is hemorrhaging, you need to see a doctor. He or she will remove by surgery, freezing, by cautery. Skin tags may also fall off by themselves due to twisting from normal day to day activity. They fall off when the blood supply is cut off thus causing them to die.

If you have skin tags, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. The condition is quite common and they are harmless.

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