Remove Skin Tags By Cryotherapy

There is no limitation as to the method you should use to treat skin tags, whichever method you prefer make sure you have well understood the procedures plus the pros and cons. Some methods require the right procedures followed and the prescriptions taken as required, slight deviation may land you into more trouble and you may end up spending a lot of time and money treating an infection that occurred due to negligence. For Cryotherapy, ask your doctor to explain to you the prescriptions you should follow, if you cannot make it on your own then have someone assist you.

Cryotherapy involves freezing the skin tags using nitrogen. Most dermatologists don’t use anesthesia during the treatment as it can be a bit painful. There are three ways you can approach treatment using Cryotherapy, one of the ways is by taking a cloth or cotton swab and dipping it to the liquid solution of cryogen. Gently apply it on the skin tag, repeat this procedure twice and depending on the size of the skin tag it will completely vanish.

Use of cryogen spray is the other technique you can use. Spray the cryogen directly on the skin tag and wait for some few minutes the skin tag will vanish completely. Take caution of spraying the cryogen excessively on the skin tag as it can damage your skin.

During Cryotherapy treatment the liquid nitrogen which has a boiling point of -196 degrees Celsius freezes the cells of the skin. The heat in the skin is transferred to the liquid nitrogen which is lost as the liquid evaporates, this in turn causes the cells to cool due to loss of heat and they freeze.

Cryotherapy causes damage to your skin, as the freezing takes place the cells die and may also cause death of some tissues. The rapid freezing inflicts damage to the tissue and the cells. The goodness is that these injuries are minor and not dangerous

Cryotherapy is the best method you can use to treat skin tags as it is easy and causes less harm to your skin compared to surgery. Patients who have used Cryotherapy are rest assured that the infection will vanish completely and will never appear again. Cryotherapy not only treats fast but also gets rid of other skin infection that may be associated with skin tags.

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