Genital Skin Tags

Genital Skin Tags

If you thought those unsightly growths couldn’t develop anywhere else, well think again. Skin tags can appear on the genitals of both women and men in various age groups. As this is located in the private area, it is therefore not uncommon that each partner would think that the other has contracted a disease from someone else. But, skin tags are not sexual transmitted disease (STD), neither are they contagious or malignant.  Maybe they are just a little embarrassing.

Skin tags, or acrochordo, which is the medical term, is a common type of skin condition. It is a noncancerous skin growth that is small and hangs from the skin. The tags protrude from the skin and sometimes have a short, narrow stalk connecting it to the skin.

Penile skin tags appear on the shaft of the penis. It is common in men who are sexually active, which affirms the idea that skin tags is developed by skin rubbing against skin. Skin tags appear as raised tissue (or bump) and is the same color as the skin or sometimes darker. Size may vary in individuals. Boys who had been circumcised at birth may develop this.

Vaginal skin tags may appear in women at any age, although some do get the growth after pregnancy. It is generally found in the folds of the vagina or the vulva. Unlike in men, it resembles the one found on other areas of the body, i.e. hanging skin looking like a mushroom. The size is increased during menstruation and decreases back to normal size thereafter.

Treatment for genital skin tags is not required unless the aggravated. This can be caused by your clothing or, if there was an itch and you scratched it. Scratching can result in hemorrhaging. It is important to note that, if there is hemorrhaging, it will become necessary to have them removed. Some persons also remove them for cosmetic purposes. Skin tags can be removed by surgery, by cryotheraphy, which is a freezing technique, or by cautery where heat is applied to the growth searing it in the process. They sometimes fall off by themselves when the blood supply is cut off causing it to die.

If you have skin tags, there is nothing to worry about. And, if they are embarrassing because of where they are, they can be removed. Should it change in color or size, you should seek professional help.

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