Skin Tag Dermatology

Skin tags are easily removed by cutting them off or freezing them. Dermatologists are the best to do this for you and they may choose the use of anesthesia to ease the pain or not. The option of treatment they will use depends on the part of the body the skin tag is; don’t expect to use cryogen spray near the eye unless you want to lose your sight. Always ensure that you visit a qualified dermatologist who can help you carry out your treatment with relative ease.

A dermatologist is a qualified person and they have knowledge on the very many skin conditions; they also have experience in treating skin conditions. Having a dermatologist remove the skin tag for you will minimize the risk of causing harm to your skin. Some of the medications like use of liquid nitrogen need to be applied carefully, in case you apply a medication like liquid nitrogen on skin tags then you risk causing damage to the inner tissues of your skin. The dermatologist knows the method that should be used depending on the position of the skin tags on the body and the nature of the skin tag.

The dermatologist will use the best method possible to treat the skin tags. The size and position of the skin tags determine the method of treatment. Before the dermatologists initiate’s treatment a test is done on the skin tags to make sure it is indeed a skin tag and that it is not carrying any other infection. There are other skin infections that resemble skin tag and there method of treatment slightly varies, therefore it is necessary to be certain of the infection.

One of the options the dermatologist will use is cutting the skin tag using gradle scissors or a razor blade. Cutting the skin tag is rather painful and sometimes dermatologist can use anesthesia to ease the pain. The other option is Cryotherapy; cryogen is a component of nitrogen. It can be in liquid form or spray. This method cures skin tag very fast and may be the best option since it is not painful. Cryotherapy takes less than half a minute if sprayed and about a minute if applied in solution form by cotton wool.

Dermatology treatment is recommended for skin tag treatment; never do this on your own unless you have prior instructions from the dermatologist.

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