Skin Tags Medical Treatment

For those who believe you can’t cure skin tags there is a cure however they are not dangerous and mostly are not recommended for treatment. Doctors only recommend a check up to make sure that they are actually skin tags and not any other infection. In some cases though rare, skin cancer may be present in skin tags, this skin tag cannot be treated using the common methods of treatment as it may cause complications. If you have symptoms of skin tags have a doctor examine it first before jumping to a conclusion.

The only medical treatment doctors provide for skin tags is surgery, it is simple but efficient since the skin tag vanishes completely. In some cases the doctors have to carry out a microscopic examination on the tissue first before performing any surgery. This is because some skin tags can be very small such that it is difficult for them to be classified as a skin tag; however there are also larger skin tags that have to be passed through microscopic test to make sure they are actually skin tags. Always visit a qualified licensed doctor.

You can use medical creams to remove skin tags; this is done by applying the cream on the skin tag following the instructions from the manufacturer. The creams used to treat other skin infections can do the job well but no doctor will recommend use of unapproved medication. Trial and error method with these unapproved creams will only land you into complications. Don’t try the creams because someone else tried and it worked for them, you may use the same cream and your skin reacts with the cream or even cause an infection.

Before receiving any treatment from a doctor ensure they are qualified, this may sound obvious but you would not wish someone to experiment their ideas on your skin. Skin tags don’t require treatment but if you want to remove them it is your choice, have a doctor examine it first before you take necessary cause of action. Make sure your doctor examines you to determine the possibility of other skin infections. Lastly note that skin tags are best cured when they are still small, in case they drastically increase in number is when doctors recommend surgery.

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