Natural Skin Tag Treatments

A skin tag is an outgrowth on the human skin. It is usually brownish and dark in colour. A skin tag will look like an extension of sorts and in some cases can be several millimetres in length. These tags can be very small in size or even big to a size of a small ball. They arise when blood vessels become blocked up resulting in a build up of tough areas of skin on the epidermis layer. Skin tags occur mainly among the older people and it is worth noting that they are harmless and do not pose a health danger.

There are many causes of skin tags and some of these include use of steroids, presence of viruses, inheritance and weight problems. Medically a skin tag can be referred to as an acrohordon, cutaneous tag or soft fibroma among other names. They are prevanlent in areas of the body where the skin is greatly folded and thus often gets irritated, therefore you are bound to notice them along the neck, face, back, chest and groin areas. There are a variety of methods to treat skin tags such as medical procedures or the many natural skin tags treatments currently used. Natural means of treatment are good since they are easily available and are largely painless. You will also have no need to worry about side effects because they are safe methods of treatment.

Natural skin tags treatments are also known as home remedies due to the fact that one primarily carries them out at home. These following methods are applicable;

1.  A mixture of baking soda and castor oil is prepared and the paste regularly applied to the skin tag over a period of weeks. This is one of the best methods and you will soon notice that the skin tag will die off gradually.

2. You can use apple cider vinegar where a small piece of cotton is soaked in the vinegar and then wiped over the tag daily. Results will be noticed in a few weeks.

3. Dandelion roots can also be used to remove the tag. Juice is drained and then applied onto the tag at least two times a day. The skin tag will reduce in size and eventually clear.

4. Dental floss is also tied to the bottom of the skin tag with the aim of cutting off blood supply. This will lead to the tag falling off after some time.

5. Another way is to mix aspirin and water to form a solution which can then be applied to the tag regularly. You will notice changes after a short period of time as the tag shrinks in size.

The above highlight just a few of the natural skin tag treatments available. A skin tag is not a serious problem and you may not really need to get rid of them. However if you do it would be wise to go for natural treatment methods to avoid pain and bleeding as well as side effects that can result from the medical procedures.

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