Skin Tag Bleeding

Skin tag is a well known skin growth; considering the fact that it can grow on practically anyone for that matter. It can also grow on part of the body. In actual fact, there is no one that does not experience skin tag. If you have not had your own experience of skin tag, you can be sure that the skin tag is on the way. This will show how very common the skin condition is.

Skin tag can also come up at any age. On many cases, it had been reported to be common with the elderly. There had also been cases where it appears on children too. It looks like a hanging piece of skin when it comes up. There are times that the skin condition can start bleeding. This mostly occurs when one makes attempt to remove it by cutting it.

Things to note

Only skin tag that is small in size should be removed by cutting. You also should make sure that the skin tag is the hanging type. if you make the mistake of cutting any other form of skin tag that does not appear this way, it may lead to profuse bleeding. You need to understand that blood vessels are also present in the skin tag. Cutting them inappropriately can lead to the bleeding.  When this skin tag defies cutting with scissors, you will do well to leave the things for a medical expert.

How to prevent its profuse bleeding

In order to prevent the skin condition from bleeding when you are making effort to get it removed, make sure that the area is well dabbed with alcohol. This will help to deaden the skin considerably. It will also help to drive the blood flow away from that particular area.

While the skin tag is being removed, it is very possible to remove some skin along wit it. This will also lead to bleeding. Care should then be taken to avoid this form of mistake. It is very important to cut the skin tag as close to the skin as possible. But on no account should any part of the skin be cut along with it.


Immediately after you have cut off the skin tag, apply a dry cotton ball to the surface. Make sure however that the cotton ball is sterile. Alcohol too can be  applied to the area and you can be sure that these will work together to help prevent the skin tag from bleeding.

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