Skin Tag Around The Eyes

Are you having any question whatsoever on skin tag? This simple write up is taking skin tags around the eyes into consideration, you can be sure that your understandings will be opened about this form of skin tag by the time you are through with reading this piece.

Anyone can have skin tag and the skin condition had been known to appear on several parts of the body. In fact, it can be said that there is no part of the body that is spared from the problem of skin tag. The skin problem can be so problematic to the extent that it can appear around the eyes. The particular part of the eye affected by this form of skin tag is the eyelid.

Its appearance

The skin tags around the eyes tend to look like boil. The only difference is that it does not swell as much as boil does.  It looks more like red spots around the eye lid. The skin around the eyelid too becomes. There are times this form of skin tag is mistaken for something else. Care needs to be taken while diagnosing it.


The skin tags around the eyes actually has exactly the same form of symptom as it is notices in skin tags on any other part of the body. It can be so itchy to the extent that the affected person may not be able to prevent him or herself from scratching it. If one falls for the temptation of scratching the skin tag, things can only get worse. The whole skin around the eyes may become swollen; the lesion on the skin around the skin tag too may spread. It is therefore very important not to touch the skin tag no matter how itchy it may be.

How to treat

It is never in your best interest to treat the skin tags around the eyes at home. Even if the skin tag does not appear around your eyes, it is still not safe to treat it at home. Make sure that you convey yourself to the hospital immediately. At the hospital, the trained medical personnel will properly diagnose the skin condition to ascertain if it actually skin tag or not.


It is never safe to make use of both medical and home made treatment for the treatment of skin tags around the eyes. You will do well to handover the whole treatment to the trained doctor.

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