Does Cutting Off A Skin Tag Hurt

Skin tag looks like a hanging grain of rice when it come sup on the skin. There is the grain like part and there is the stalk like part. Both of these parts actually have the same look like the skin on which they are growing. Skin tag normally takes the same color as the color of the skin.  It can also come up on practically everybody; irrespective of how old the person is and irrespective of the person’s age.  Some researchers have come up with the idea that practically everyone will come up with skin tag at the end of the day. This means that you too should be waiting for the day you will experience your own skin tag; if you have not experienced it already.

Do you wish to cut it off?

Are you already having skin tag and you are already contemplating cutting it off? Are you bothered about how painful the skin tag will be while cutting it? You can take it that skin tag will surely be painful when you cut it. This is to tell you that you should prepare for the pain also as you are preparing to cut off the skin tag.

Why is it painful?

Do not forget that skin tag has blood supplies just like every other part of your body. The skin tag also has its own nerve supply. When you cut the skin tag, you are also cutting the small blood vessels and the nerve supply. This will surely send the painful sensation to your brain and you will feel pain instantly as you cut the skin tag.

Can one reduce the pain?

Yes, it is possible to reduce the pain that you feel when you cut your skin tag. In case you are seeking to carry out the excision at the hospital, you may be given local anesthesia to help you deaden the skin around the area of excision. You are sure not to feel pain at all if things are done this way while the skin tag is being cut.


In case you decide to cut the skin tag at home, you can decide to dab the area of the excision with alcohol. This is sure to deaden the nerves around this area to a great extent. It will also help to drive the blood away. Even if you will still feel some pain, the pain will not be as much as when you cut without the application of alcohol.

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