Is a Skin Tag a Tumor?

Also known as acrochorda, fibroepithelial polyps, soft fibromas, and cutaneous papillomas, a skin tag is a kind of growth that is considered a tumor. However, a skin tag is a tumor that is completely benign or harmless. Especially when left untreated, skin tags do not trigger the possibility of cancer since it is not malignant.

Skin tags are like bumps on the surface of the skin that grow or bleed. It may be smooth, atypical or raised in nature. Its colors range from pink to red and flesh to brown. There are also instances when skin tags are black. If such is the case, a biopsy may be required in order to diminish the possibilities of cancer of the skin.

Most of the time, specialists do not necessarily recommend a patient to undergo any kind of procedure that involves skin tag removal with the consideration that skin tags are benign tumors. But then again, it cannot be denied that having multiple skin tags is embarrassing. True enough, the self-consciousness of the patient is very much affected because of skin tags. For this kind of reason, it is still up to the affected individual whether he will proceed to undergo medical attention to have his skin tags removed or not.

There are also those individuals who complain about their skin tags because of the irritation that they get out of simply wearing clothes and even jewelery. Regardless of the number of skin tags you have especially around the neckline, irritation is something that cannot be avoided. There are also those who find it so hard to shave their armpit regions because of the development of skin tags within the area. Because of these, it goes to show that there are plausible reasons as to why affected individuals should undergo skin tag removal.

One good way to go for any kind of skin tag removal procedure is to talk to a skin expert in order to be enlightened with skin tag removal. There are now several treatments that a patient with skin tags may undergo. Surgery may be involved in the process and operations may take a long time to be through. It is up to the patient what kind of procedure he wants to have with the recommendation of his physician.

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