10 Ways To Remove Skin Tags

If you have one or have seen one before, then you definitely know that skin tags are unpleasing especially when the appear in the most visible places like on the face. This is why getting rid of them is always a priority for those who have them. It is in this respect that I am going to look at 10 ways to remove skin tags:

1. You can carry out a simple surgical procedure that entails cutting out the skin tag at the base of the stalk. This can be done at home but ensure that the tool you decide to use is well sterilized to avoid infections.

2. Electrolysis is another method of getting rid of a skin tag, by which a dermatologist passes an electric current into the cell tissues of the tag, killing them instantly.

3. Cryotherapy may also be carried out and it involves the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the skin tag and eventually kill its cell tissue. This in turn causes its detachment from the skin.

4. Among the easiest of all methods is tightly tying a string at the base of the skin tag for two days or so. This cuts the blood supply to it, hence killing its cells and making it to detach from the skin.

5. If you are opting for the natural methods, tea tree oil would work excellently for you. All you have to do is pour some few drops of it on a piece of cotton wool that has been previously soaked in water and rub it on the skin tag. You should repeat this procedure three times a day for about three days and it will eventually disintegrate from the skin.

6. Another natural method that you could use to remove skin tags is the use of castor oil. Simply mix it with some baking soda to form a paste then rub it on the skin tag. Just as in the previous method, repeating this procedure a couple of times in a day for several days is going to completely remove the skin tag.

7. You can also opt to use bloodroot to remove the skin tags. It does not work exactly like the other natural methods as it harms the healthy skin around the tag. One should therefore be very careful when using it.

8. The use of a duct tape is a method that is definitely under the ‘easiest’ category. To do this, tightly tape it around the skin tag and wait for about two days for it to disintegrate and fall off.

9. There are some plants or trees which are known for their extracts that are good for curing different conditions, especially the skin diseases. Obtain any of the extracts for example ‘Dermisil’ that would work in removing skin tags and rub it on the tag according to its instructions on usage.

10. Finally, you can remove a skin tag using vitamin E and a band aid. Just add the vitamin E on the band aid and apply it on the skin tag. After this, wait for a couple of days until it naturally falls off.

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