Are Skin Tags Dangerous?

Skin tags, which are generally outgrowths on the skin, are a source of concern to many. This is mainly because they are unpleasant and irritating especially when they occur on the face. For people who find that they are having them for the first time, there is always panic in the beginning, with two common questions lingering in their minds. Are skin tags dangerous? Are they cancerous?

For most people, the knowledge on cancer is shallow. They do not know most of the symptoms, as well as how to identify them. For example, many people just know cancer is noticed by an abnormal growth, like in the skin in the case of skin cancer. It is this scanty knowledge of the disease therefore, that gets them so alarmed when they develop skin tags.

What everyone should realize is that skin tags are not, and never will develop into cancer. They are just trappings of blood vessels and collagen against thin bits of skin. Hence, are benign in nature. This therefore, should not be taken as a basis on worry that your skin tag is a symptom of cancer.

The only danger that could arise from skin tags is though the method that you use to remove them. Proper caution should always be taken whenever getting rid of them so as to avoid further complication. Where does the danger come about, you ask?

There are many methods that you could use for skin tag removal. Among them is a simple surgical procedure, of which every aspect of it has to be carried out with so much caution. For example, the instruments that you use should be properly sterilized. If not, you are putting yourself in great risk of infections.

The method that you use for skin tag removal also matters greatly with the position of the tag. One that is one the eye for example, cannot be removed by use of blood root as this can easily injure the eye, sometimes resulting into partial blindness.

Managing of the skin tags is also important if you are to maintain them in a harmless state. This is very easy for adults, but for children, it is a whole new story. They constantly keep scratching them, hence inducing bleeding and pain. This is a always a source of headache for their parents who keep coming up with ways of covering up these tags to prevent this. However, the best option is always getting to have them effectively removed and as soon as possible.

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