At What Age Do Skin Tags Start?

Skin tags are growths that occur on the skin after collagen and blood vessels are trapped within thin bits of skin. There are no particular causes that have been linked to their appearance. The only thing that has been determined by research so far is facts or aspects that increase the risk of one acquiring them.

Among them are obesity, steroid use, pregnancy and diabetes. Hereditary is also another factor in the appearance of skin tags. In this respect, a new born baby has a possibility of being born with one or more skin tags if there is someone along his or her blood line who had them. Therefore there is no particular age that skin tags start, although they are believed to be more rampant in people who are above the age of forty.

Skin tags among new born babies mostly occur on the ears. In the event of this, there is no reason for any alarm as opposed to vaginal, penile or anal skin tags. The latter three have to be carefully examined by a dermatologist as well as a gynecologist to come up with the best possible method of removing them. Their removal is something that should be set out as a priority among parents, as these skin tags could store bacteria or viruses that could bring about further complications in future.

Skin tags in adults who never had them as children are occur mostly due to friction that occurs when the skin rubs against itself or clothes. Obesity is one known factor that encourages this friction because of the accumulation of fat within the skin, causing skin folds and consequently skin tags when the skin layers rub against each other.

Sudden and rapid build up of tissue is another factor that increases the chances of one developing skin tags. This is where steroids come about. They are a favorite to body builders, especially the illegal ones that are the best in increasing body mass. And that is why you would find these people with a couple of skin tags on their bodies.

For pregnant women, the story is the same. Tissue builds up, sometimes enhancing skin friction and consequently skin tags appear.

Therefore, although skin tags are more common in adults due to the above factors, they have no specific age that they start appearing. You may start having them whether you are an infant or an adult.

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