Does Removing A Skin Tag Cause More To Grow?

Through the advent of modern technology, there are now numerous methods that are involved in skin tag removal. In general, skin doctors can attend skin tag removal, but for some reasons, especially when there are specific areas involved, particular specialists must attend. One good example is the rendering of skin tag removal services by an ophthalmologist to a patient who has skin tags in the eyelids. There are also skin tags that occur in genital areas and anal areas, and these are attended by gynecologists. Other skin tags may be consulted to a cosmetic surgeon.

Removal of a skin tag is regarded to merely cause more growths to show up. Because of this baseless assertion, many are now scared of undergoing skin tag removal procedures. Since there is no proof to this assertion, it is not appropriate to say that removing a skin tag will cause more to grow. Having more growths will not occur if one undergoes skin tag removal. However, it has to be taken into consideration that there are some people who are more likely to get skin tags. Note also that older people are more prone to get more skin tags than youngsters.

If the skin tags fall off by themselves, it is no longer a necessity to consider removal procedures. Most of the time, a skin tags fall off without entailing any kind of discomfort or pain. Otherwise, it is best to seek medical attention.

If you are considering undergoing a medical procedure in order to remove skin tags, you have to take note that this kind of procedure is not commonly covered by medical insurance. Since skin tag removal is classified as an elective procedure, the payment for this procedure is shouldered by the patient and not medical insurance. It is very ideal to talk to your doctor first before going further when it comes to any procedures that are aimed to remove skin tags.

It is not always necessary for a doctor to remove your skin tag – you can remove it yourself at home. A piece of thread can be tied around the skin tag to stop the supply of blood. Eventually the skin tag will die and fall off. You must not pull the thread too tight as this will actually slice off the skin tag!

An alternative method is by using a herbal paste on the skin tag. The skin tag will fall off naturally after one twenty minute application of the product. Removing a skin tag will not cause another one to grow.

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Does Removing A Skin Tag Cause More To Grow?

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