Home Remedies For Skin Tags

Skin tags, cutaneous or acrochordon is a common type of skin condition. It is a noncancerous skin growth that is small and hangs from the skin. The tags protrude from the skin and sometimes have a short, narrow stalk connecting it to the skin. Skin tags are common amongst individuals over the age of 40 and a person can have from 50-100 on the body. They are found under the armpits, neck, body folds, back or other place where the skin is rubbing against itself.  It is normally brown or black. There are no treatments per se as they are relatively harmless and painless.

Home remedies are cures for ailments using everyday effects found at home in ones cupboards, refrigerator or spice rack. Persons who are trying to detox from chemicals in pharmaceuticals are resorting to alternative medicines using organic substances. There are a few home remedies that can be used to rid your body of skin tags.

While research might not be conclusive, skin tags are commonly found in persons who are corpulent and suffer from diabetes. It may be genetic as well. They are professionally diagnosed, and are based heavily on the appearance of the growth itself. Sometimes, if there are abnormalities, a biopsy may be taken for testing. Although not cancerous, it is prudent to be certain so that the necessary precautions can be taken before it is too late. It should be noted that, if you are attempting to remove skin tags using home remedies and you are overweight and or diabetic care should be taken in whatever method you have choose.

Tea tree oil has been known to treat many skin diseases in the past and it is no wonder why it can be used for this purpose too. The oil is an extract from an Australian plant called Melaleuca Alternifolia. To administer the oil, first wash and dry the area. Soak a cotton ball in water, apply three drops of tea tree oil and rub it into the skin tags. Apply three times a day for several days until it falls off.

Castor oil is another natural remedy for removing skin tags. The castor oil is mixed with baking soda into a paste and applied to the affected area.

These home remedies have been proven to be effective in removing skin tags. You should allow each method time, as the removal process will not happen instantly, but only after remedy has been repeated over time.

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